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A&C - Manufacturers of Remote Camera Systems for Film & TV
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Three Axis
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Film & TV Remote Head

The PEE-POD 500 HD and PEE-POD 500 HD Slider (see the description page for more details on Slider Chassis) are the latest beneficiary of A & C's dedication to professional performance and innovative technology. This lightweight robotic remote camera head with a large budget specification, boasts a low budget cost.

The system is hassle free and gives the operator a real edge when it comes to producing great shots, all the time.

Basic PEE-POD 500 two axis systems can cost as little as £17,208 Pounds Sterling FOB.

Capable of comfortably handling camera loads of up to 60 lbs (27 kg) the head can weigh as little as 11 lbs (5kg). Its weather resistant gearboxes have surprising power and impressive response, giving it a superb level of performance. This still applies even when conditions are less than ideal, creating a system that performs like a "Mouse on Steroids".

Perfect for situations where either size or weight are restricted and without the need to sacrifice performance and reliability.

Options Include:

  • Third Axis
  • Multiple Heads
  • Joystick
  • Hand Wheels
  • Adjustable Limits
  • Video Lens Control
  • BNC Link
  • Mitchell Mount
  • Panbar
  • Memory Playback
  • Computer Interface
  • Film Lens Control
  • RF Link
  • J JIB Mount


The PEE-POD 500 HD is a professional light weight robotic camera head for TV & Film. It can carry Cameras of up to 30kg with a remarkable degree of precision and control. Specifically targeted at High Definition applications where high resolution of movement is critical.

The PEE-POD 500 HD is the high resolution successor to the standard PEE-POD 500 .

Having all of the successful features of the standard PEE-POD 500, this enhanced version boasts some formidable extras:

  • New "POD-POWER" servo drive with intelligent power management to further increase the already impressive torque output by 30%
  • Motor temperature monitoring that profiles current parameters
  • High resolution output gives about 4 million steps per revolution of gearbox.
  • Gearbox parameters & software can be changed via serial link
  • Even quieter than the standard PEE-POD 500
  • Next generation anti-backlash system